One could say that this experimental photography series is a continuation of the series “Dreams” (my another artistc photographies). In this case, I also deal with the modification of reality, creating imaginary situations, dreaming in specific space. Incredible ideas are born in mind, and perhaps these dreams come true sometime in the real world? Creative photography contributes to ponder the past, present and future. Lets see what is seemingly impossible. All situations are the creator-photographer ideas, who cleverly connects distant worlds. First, each image seems to be an abstraction, however after a moment’s thought, every element of the photo becomes understandable, even well-founded. Additional value is a specific understatement, ambiguity – that is mistery of creation and of the impulse which helped to create the situation. Oneiric visions, which are significant in my experimental way of photography, show the amazing possibilities of imagination and dreams of a different world. They become stories, every creative photography tells us about strange incidents. Certainly, the aim is not to impose an image interpretation in any way, for sure. Everyone is sensing my images through the prism of his/her own – not other people’s – experiences. Own experiences and feelings play very important role and can not impose the feeling generated by the visualization of every picture.



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