Because of the demanding expectations of the photographic industry and, most of all, recievers of my photographic achievements, I would like to present a comprehensive package of my artistic proposals especially for you.

Creative Photography – creating unprecedented photomontages.

From yours uploaded images I create new images, according to my taste, in the typical style for me. I reserve the fullness of interpretation and freedom of variations, but of course I do not say “no” to some subtle suggestions from your side. Feel free to visit my experimental photography. I treat every client individually, but with the same commitment.

In any case, the creating procedure is the same. At the beginning, we talk about the photo, which you will send me – it will be the base/ the cause of the experimental photography for you – we should determine the size, quality and what is on the photo. Then,the client sends me a picture*, about which discussed earlier, and the next step belongs to me – after receiving the basic image I begin tcreating a new reality for the person portayed on it. The end result is sent to the clien and, of course, placed on my website.

* the person has full copyright to every each photo uploaded and to image of every each person on the photos.

Graphic Design – creating original, unique books’ and CDs’ covers .

Technique and style is based on a number of my artistic achievements, but in this case, of course, the most important is theme adjustment. I am open to any suggestions coming from the other artists. I know that the combination of creative photography with music or literature can become great riot of art.

Advertisingartistic photography is ideal for unconventional advertising purposes.

If you want to advertise a person, thing or event – please contact me and I will create an unusual marketing product, which pay the attention, for sure. My technique, quality, originality and reliability make the ad will remain in the memory of anyone who comes into contact with it.

Photo Retouching – broadly defined processing, retouching and modification of photography.

Each image, thanks to my sense quality and skills, can gain a new life, can be significantly improved. The changes will be visible by improving the general parameters. My tasks include: correction of colour, contrast, sharpness and brightness balance. In addition, I remove all dirt, distortion, blemishes, discoloration, unwanted elements in the picture .