Folk Monidlo

Where the history combines with mystic solemnities there appear beings which exist between walking and sleeping. You do not know exactly what is real. Whether the person you see in the picture is real or not, wheter the costumes are real or not and if you close and open your eyes again, you do not know whether the figures in the pictures are still there. This crative photography present original Polish folk costumes from different regions in Poland. The costumes were treated as formal clothes and were not worn every day. The costumes were treated as formal clothes and were not worn every day. Polish folklore has been and inspiration for many authors, but at the same time many people claim that one should not handle with it and name filklore trumpery or kitsch. For me, as an artist, especially of experimental photography one, it is so great way to find out in particular, past situation. Here are historical costumes and I want to capture the uniqueness of folklore on additional way, I reffered to the so-called (in Poland) monidło – the art of painting portraits, dating back until the nineteenth century. The specific quality of the portrait and the value, which at that times it had, only increased my fascination. It is also important that it was a kind of realistic picture with some signs of photomontage and retouching – like in my special artistic photography! For better effect models often had the painted red lips, eyes emphasized the azure bluing and even had more expensive outfits. Real variations on the every image, and today, for me, it is creative photography based on the old tradition.


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