Colours of Illusions

Simplicity is the greatest value. Here are colorful portraits of people with closed eyes on the magical backgrounds. What are they doing? Are they dreaming? Maybe sleeping? If yes, about what? Maybe they are not in these photography worlda? In my creative photography lies many unanswered questions. It may not necessarily need to know the answer. Welcome to my world of illusion experimental photography… then close your eyes – what it feels like? I often show what I have in my head, I do not necessarily want to represent the thoughts of the others. In this series the main mystery are the people with their minds and unexplored dreams. There is nothing much better than disappear in the boundlessness of own imagination. The problem may appear when standing with eyes closed the person feels to be watched. Emotions affect the perception of circulating thoughts in our head. Experimental photography stimulate the recipient to reflect, inspire, observation the world. Thus, once again, I encourage you to break away from reality, inspire artistic photography and departure to the dreams decks. 


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