Each city has some kind of mystery, magicality and even anxiety. My artistic photography helps to notice corners, about which you had no idea. I want to show this town otherwise. We do not need colorfulness and beauty to see the most interesting things. Often unconspicuous places are the most intriguing. So it was this time, in the case of my series “City”. Every day we pass by the well-known buildings, many ways to work and other destinations usually are there – where the traffic is increased – it would be faster, safer, more convenient – because better to use areas which are familiar to us. This kind of habit changes along with trips, travels, sightseeing and rest. Then, we want to know not only the most attractive and noteworthy locations, but also everything what is hidden the foreign city. So why not to be the tourist in a well-known city, in a hometown? Experimental photography brings out what is the most valuable in the undiscovered corners. Each one of us has own truth, everyone catches hold something completely different in various places. I would like that artistic photography will be an inspiration in exploring all news in everything around us – even the most inconspicuous moment or location may deserve to capture this in one, unique way.



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