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Age group 1980, artist-photographer from Poland, student of Photography at the University of Arts in Poznań, for many years in the photographic branch. He had so many exhibitions – both individual and group, in Poland and abroad. Publications of his works were shown for years in many magazines around the world. He is a laureate of many competitions – especially those of international importance. He cooparate with various artists, also willingly shares his experience with other adepts of photographic art, leads workshops and meetings.

First of all, he is interested in creative photography. All photos represent his own, subjective view of reality, people, places. In works he gives you the possibility to get to know his visions, his perception of the world, the unreal world. Most of them are based on graphically manipulated images, the vision is filtered by sensitivity. Situation presented in artistic photography never happened and were only created by author’s imagination and dreams. The quality, the consequence, the imagination – this is very important to him in photography, especially experimental photography. He likes this kind of conflict between what is realistic and what constitutes the author’s imagination on the subject of a particular scene.

As he admits, experimental photography is pure passion, the idea of not only creation, but also for life. The uniqueness of moments leads to a subjective presentation of reality, emotions, details. He is not afraid of his own opinion, he is looking for the truth.

The creative process does not start with pressing the shutter button. This is just one part of the whole work. In artistic photography, creation starts with an idea, and the author never stars work without special vision of the photo. Time spent in front of computer monitor is the most important moment in the formation of the world on a particular picture, but the same focus is needed on every creative step.

The artist as his main artistic point consider his dreams visions, however, the creative photography allows him to wider artistic activities. He likes playing with expanse, different situations, or even yourself – his self-portraits. Everything is done without preconceived rules, which gives enormous possibilities. The main thing in his job is to arouse feelings and emotions in the audience, even if this would be a complete denial of all effects. This is just artistic photography – so many hours to create, then the final element of surprise, sometimes even for the author.


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2008 – Zapraszamy do Słonecznikowej Krainy
2009 – Było to ongiś na początku świata
2009 – Obrazy Uwolnione
2009 – Dreams
2009 – Photosense Open Wall – London
2011 – Dreams / Przytyck Gallery
2011 – Było to ongiś na początku świata
2011 – Dreams / Prospero Gallery – Lublin
2012 – Dreams / La Fabrica – Calella, Spain
2012 – Dreams / Chatka Żaka / Lublin
2012 – Dreams / Magazyn Kultury / Kraków
2013 – Dreams – special show within project Hear the Images. See the Sounds
2013 – Dreams / Festiwal Widzi Się/ Stary Sącz


2008 – Digital Camera Magazine
2009 – Pokochaj Fotografię
2010 – Hebe magazine
2010 – Descry Magazine
2010 – Eyemazing Magazine
2010 – Soura Magazine
2010 – IdeaFixa Magazine
2011 – PH Magazine
2011 – Photo+Korea MAgazine
2011 – Photo Technique Magazine
2012 – Watch Magazine Russia


2009 – First Place /International Competition of Young/Jarosław/Poland/
2009 – Silver Medal /International Digital Biennial Ripolette Image/Spain/
2009 – Honorable Mention /International Photo Awards (IPA)/
2010 – Honorable Mention /Prix de la Photographie (Px3)/Paris/
2010 – Third Place /People Choice/ Prix de la Photographie (Px3)/Paris/
2010 – First Place /Competition Podwórka/Słupsk/Poland/
2010 – Honorable Mention /64 Bristol International Salon of Photography/
2010 – 2x Honorable Mention /International Photo Awards (IPA)/
2011 – First Place /People Choice/Fine Art Category – ExibitA competition/
2011 – First Place /Gold Medal/ /Lets face it Competition/London Photographic Association/
2011 – First Place /Gold Medal/ /XXXV Trofeu Torretes De Fotografia/Spain /
2011 – Second Place /Prix de la Photographie (Px3)/Paris/
2011 – First Place /International Photography Awards (IPA)/
2012 – First Place /Fine Arts Category – The 7th International Emirates Photography Competition/Abu Dhabi/
2012 – First Place /Nature Category – International Photo Awards (IPA)/
2013 – Finalist/ Sony World Photography Awards/


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